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Welcome to Cameron Joonwoo Kim's home page. Cameron, or better known as Joon-Noooooo in our family was born on December 12, 2006, to the family of Connie and Jin, and his two older brothers, Joon-Seo (Justin) and Joon-Ha (Stanley)! Cameron is sooo lucky to have a warm, cuddly, and fun-loving family. And so are we!!! We are extremely happy that little Cameron could bring so much joy to us all...

We look forward to sharing our family news and precious memories with you for years to come!

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Cameron Joon-Woo was born on a December day in 2006. The arrival was celebrated by many (but mainly by mom and dad), as he was one of the most difficult ones amongst the three brothers. Mom had to be hospitalized at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital for almost 3 months...

This was my very first Christmas, just 13 days after I was born!!!!

Look at me!! I'm one year old, now. Looking good wearing Han-Bok, a traditional, Korean outfit for proud boy.

Here they are - the people that I like the most... Daddy (Jin), Mommy (Connie), oldest brother (Justin Joon-Seoh) and the other old brother (Stanley Joonha). Christmas 2007.

Baby boy


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